Message from the Chairman

When my grandfather started this hospital as a philanthropic undertaking some fifty-odd years ago, he wanted to contribute to the well-being of the poor. Over the years, as the specialty of ophthalmology has expanded and developed, so has the equipment and expertise within this hospital.
Throughout the hospital, we now have computerized operating equipment, state-of-the-art techniques, and the most modern machines to investigate and diagnose eye problems. Yet, despite all this expensive and sophisticated equipment, we are able to restore vision for as little as Tk 4,000 (US$ 50).
Where else in medicine can more be accomplished for less? And, in addition, the time taken by our expert doctors to perform this type of surgery is remarkably quick―fifteen minutes or less and the patient can see again!
Not only is this Dhaka-based non-profit hospital focused on restoring sight to the poor, but it is also determined to help others throughout Bangladesh. This is accomplished in two ways – one, to educate and develop ophthalmic specialists so that they can take their expertise to other centres and to the rural areas, and, two, by establishing branch hospitals in towns away from Dhaka where there is a great need for ophthalmic care. Three of these branch hospitals are now in operation.
Over the last decades, this hospital has educated dozens, perhaps hundreds, of doctors to do specialized surgery and investigative techniques that can help save or restore sight. When we realize that there are so few ophthalmologists in Bangladesh - it is estimated that the ophthalmologist:patient ratio in the US is 1:15,800 while in Bangladesh it is approximately 1:300,000 - one can see that the need is enormous!
Our policy is now to provide service for all members of society, the wealthy, the middle class and the very poor. By being supported by wealthy patients, we are able to provide subsidized care for those who cannot afford even the low fees normally charged. I know that this was the ideal behind Mr. M.A. Ispahani founding this hospital.
The Management Committee is really pleased to be a part of this ongoing service to the people of Bangladesh. We are particularly pleased with the caring and compassionate treatment that our doctors and staff give to all our patients, rich or poor. We look forward to this Institute, the best-known eye care hospital in the country, developing further, so as to continue to be able to give the finest of ophthalmic care to all who come through our doors.

M. A. Behrouze Ispahani
Chairman, Management Committee,
Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital