How you can help?

Children often need surgery. Otherwise they might be blind for life. But often their parents can's afford this surgery.


Here are some examples of how your donation could be put to use. You can tell us what you would like to support:
1. Sponsor a cataract surgery of a patient who lives below the poverty line. Each cataract surgery costs Tk. 4,500 (US $55).  
2. Sponsor a cataract surgery of a patient using the Phaco (stitchless) surgery to obtain the best possible vision. Using a foldable lens, each surgery costs Tk. 16,500 (US $200).  
3. Sponsor sight saving surgery for a poor child with cataract or who has suffered a serious eye injury. A special lens is required for this procedure and both eyes may need to be operated on. Each surgery costs at least Tk 5,500, and both eyes would require Tk 11,000 (US $135)
4. Sponsor a patient who needs cornea transplant surgery and save someone from complete blindness. Corneal transplant surgery = Tk 29,500 (US $365)  
5. Sponsor a poor patient needing retina surgery e.g. detached retina. Retina surgery = Tk 20,000 (US $250)  
6. Sponsor a poor patient who needs eye cancer treatment. Eye Cancer treatment at Tk 10,000 (US $123) per surgery

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