Vision, Mission and Values


The Mission of Islamia Eye Hospital, as a non-profit institution, is to provide the finest services in eye care to all sections of society, especially those who cannot afford to pay. Over the years, most of the patients treated at Islamia have been from economically-deprived segments of society.

In summary, one may say there are two main parts of this Mission:
1. To serve the socially under-privileged with needed eye care.
2. To aid in the fight against avoidable and needless blindness, which affects millions of people throughout Bangladesh.

It should be remembered that many of those who are suffering from avoidable blindness come from poor economic circumstances, and have limited access to quality eye care services.


IIEI&H vision is to provide free surgical services to at least 30% of patients within the next three years

In addition, a five-year vision statement has been developed with four specific objectives:
1. To be the finest eye-care facility in Bangladesh.
2. To be the preferred eye-care facility for those who can choose where to go, and to be excellent enough to be able to attract  patients from other countries.
3. To be an international training center in ophthalmology for doctors and ophthalmic paramedics from all over the world.
4. To be accredited by national and international accrediting agencies and most importantly by our patients. In order to do this, and to ensure lasting sustainability, the Strategic Model being employed is two-fold:

First: the model for general and poor patients – low fees, small profit margin, economies of scale, and high volumes.
Second: providing upscale facilities for the wealthier patients, while at the same time, charging a premium, that will be used to cross-subsidize the less fortunate patients, and thus enabling sustainability.


The Core Values of Islamia are:
1. Needs of the patient must always come first.
2. Collaboration and cooperation across the organization.
3. Integrity in all that we do.
4. Transparency in all that we do.