Cataract Department


Cataract is a common eye condition, in which the lens becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision. This department diagnose cataract after proper clinical examination and investigations. Then advise the patients for surgery. All types of cataract surgeries, including Phacoemulsification, SICS, SFL, complicated cataract surgery with iris hook or CTR, are performed in our institute by the following surgeons


Dr. Md. Shafi Khan

Clinical Head of Department

Dr. Abdus Salam Dr. Ahmed Zahir Bin Zia

Prof. ASM Kamal Uddin
Dr. Chandana Sultana

Dr. Majid Khan

Dr. Mahmood Mujtaba

Dr. Mostafizur Rahman

Dr. Muntakim Shahid Dr. Nazmun Nahar
Prof.Dr. Sarwar Alam Dr. Zafrul Hasan


◊ The team in this service diagnose and treats cataract.

◊ Cataract surgery is generally recommended when your cataract has progressed to the point that it is interfering with your daily activities and lifestyle.

◊ Modern cataract surgery is usually quick and can be performed using a local anaesthetic only. Most people are able to return to work the day after their operation. During surgery, your lens is usually replaced with a clear artificial lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL). For most patients, the new lens is chosen to aim for focused distant vision after the operation. Many people still require glasses for fine focusing in the distance and it is usual for you to need reading glasses after your operation. Now a days we are using multifocal IOLs for focussing both distance and near and toric IOLs for correcting astigmatism.

◊ Post operative follow up, refraction and spectacle prescription are also given in this department.


♦ Clinical examinations by ophthalmologist
♦ Biometry
♦ Sac patency test