Comments of patients

"This institution is a wonderful hospital. The doctors are very caring. I will visit this hospital in the future for any further eye care treatment needs."
HM Ershad MP (Former President) - 27-05-2015

"I feel excellent service. I think we need more organization like this. Wish you all the best."

"The biggest organization of this kind in Bangladesh, if this organization could be established in the districts will be more helpful for mankind."
M Rahman MR # 1214940

"I’m very happy to all officers of this hospital and pray they will do more in future."
MR # 1481425

"Private OPD treatment is outstanding. Islamia Hospital’s private OPD is among the best eye hospitals in Bangladesh."
Mr. Shamim A, MRN# 126703

"My relative received treatment at Islamia Hospital and referred me here. I came with lots of expectations. I had Phaco cataract surgery The Hospital has lived up to my expectations, and the treatment and service was excellent."
Abedin B S., MRN# 1280595

"The Day Case ward looks gorgeous and clean. Before entering the hospital, I didn’t expect the ward to look as nice as it does. The staff’s attitude is also very friendly."
Mr. Billal A, Cataract Patient’s attendant

"My operation was first class. I got a new life after the surgery. I can now read clearly. I'm very scared of injections, but I heard that some surgeons don't use injection for this surgery. I didnt even feel any pain."
Mr. Mohammad H. who had Phaco cataract surgery

"The ninth of April, 2013, was a memorable day for me. Everything seemed like magic. I was seeing again. It was so clear. I did not think that I would see this well. With the blessings of Allah, and the cordial help of the hospital, my surgery was successful."
Abdul Matin Patowary, a 50-year old businessman