General Outpatients



Today in Bangladesh, with the changing conditions and expectations of economic groups
IIEI&H serves three economic groups of patients

1] Those that were at or below the poverty line [In line with the mission of the Hospital]
2] General patients (mid level income group)
3] Private patients [Those able to pay a full fee]

A fund was established so that 30% of patients i.e.:– those below the poverty line – would be treated free of cost in line with the mission of the Founder of the Hospital

Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital has well experienced Consultants, Surgeons and Doctors who are well known in the field of Ophthalmology in the Country.

The hospital is equipped with modern equipment and operating facilities.
Patients at OPD are examined and treatments are given with utmost care and attention.
Averages of 1000 outpatients visit each day.


Services / Facilities


From 15th April 2015

New Fees have been established


Registration Fee Taka 50/- only for all General Outpatient visits