IIEI&H and Orbis signed partnership agreement to Increase Access to Eye Care for Children in Barisal Division with support from Qatar Development Fund

Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital (IIEI&H) has signed an agreement with Orbis International, Bangladesh to implement the Qatar Creating Vision (QCV) Project, supported by Qatar Development Fund (QDF). Mr. Mridul K. Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer signed the agreement on behalf of the partner and Dr. Munir Ahmed, Country Director, Orbis international, Bangladesh has signed from Orbis International, Bangladesh on 31 July 2016, at 2:00 pm at Orbis conference room.

During signing ceremony Mr. Gazi Nazrul Islam Faisal, Director Program & Development of IIEI&H participated in the event. Mr. Mohammed Alauddin, Director of Programs; Dr. Lutful Husain, Senior Medical Specialist; Mr. Muhammad Awlad Hossain, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Manager; Ms. Nazneen Basher Chowdhury, Senior Manager, Finance and Operations and Mr. Md. Parvez Hossain, Project Coordinator - QCV also attended the event.

After signing the agreement Mr. Mridul K. Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer has said that this partnership will help us to reach more children in Barisal Division and we will be able to expand our comprehensive and quality child eye health care services.

Munir Ahmed, Country Director, Orbis International, Bangladesh has expressed that the partnership with Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital (IIEI&H) has been possible due to generous support of QDF and it will create more scope to work together to contribute to our shared vision. We are extremely grateful to our country team, UK team and most importantly our partners collaborating to reduce childhood blindness significantly from Bangladesh.