Continuous Medical Development

A Partnership with LVPEI - Turning Islamia into a Centre of Excellence:

The L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), a world-class service and training institution, is a model for eye hospitals in many parts of the world. We have been fortunate enough to have the founder and Chairman of LVPEI, Dr. G.N. Rao, visit Islamia on a number of occasions.

Dr. G.N. Rao with Mr. Behrouze Ispahani, Chairman, Management Committee

Three years ago, on 9 October 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the LVPEI and Islamia. This strategic document helped Islamia formulate its strategies and keep its focus on the targets that have allowed it to develop into a true Centre of Excellence. Without the guidance of the MOU, and without the involvement of LPVEI in Islamia’s development, Islamia may not have progressed as far as it has. This MOU has recently been renewed for another two years.

The MOU will serve a number of purposes, especially the training, to international standards, of our specialty doctors, optometrists, and nurses. LVPEI also sends experts to Islamia to assess our programmes and advises us on ways to improve. In the last year, six doctors were trained at LVPEI while LVPEI’s expert teams came to assess and advise on the hospital’s systems in the operation theatres and wards. A team also came to evaluate Islamia’s branch hospitals and outreach programmes.

We are most pleased that we can continue this partnership with the LVPEI, and, in particular, we are grateful to Dr. Rao for his willingness to share the expertise of the organization he has developed. Our doctors are particularly eager to learn from the LVPEI’s consultants, and we look forward to continued interaction, which will allow us to grow into a Centre of Excellence.

The training of ophthalmologists from Islamia at LVPEI has been the primary driving force in helping Islamia develop. Being able to see the standards of care and experience a culture of excellence previously unknown has resulted in bringing in world-class practices to Islamia. This one factor has alone impacted Islamia in a way that could not have happened without the MOU and the resultant funding from the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Continuous medical development

This is an integral part of the life a doctor. We hold meetings and workshops for two hours five evenings a week to ensure that our doctors have access to the latest knowledge and information. The Education Department runs a number of courses for the post-graduate education of prospective ophthalmologists as well as those wishing to specialize in a sub-specialty. Currently, more than 100 ophthalmology student doctors are participating in the courses provided.

Courses are also held for Mid-level Ophthalmic Technicians (MLOPs) and optometrists, as well as for nurses. A one-year agreement, called the Nursing Bridge Program, was signed at the end of 2011 with the A.K. Khan Health Care Foundation to provide education to the nurses of Islamia. This program is designed to bridge the difference between standards of nursing practice in the South Asia region and the Western countries, especially the United States of America. The curriculum was designed by the Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership (INHL), the representative of “The Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Hospital Nursing Services”, and emphasizes the medium of English while teaching international nursing standards. Our first batch of twenty-eight nurses graduated from this rigorous programme in December, 2012.

The Institute holds regular educational seminars to bring the latest techniques and knowledge to the ophthalmologists of Bangladesh. In the last year, seminars were held to teach:

Phaco cataract surgical instruction. This meeting included television transmission of live surgery to the auditorium. The instructor was the well-known Indian surgeon, Dr. Abhay R. Vasavada.

A prominent Japanese surgeon, Prof. Junsuke Akura, demonstrated techniques of teaching the removal of cataracts with the Phaco machine in the wet lab using an artificial eye and cataract.

Prof. Jeffrey Caspar from the University of California, Davis, USA and Dr. Matti Vazeen from Carson City, Nevada, USA visited Islamia for a week. During this time they instructed our surgeons in the latest techniques using hi-tech state-of-the-art intra-ocular lenses following cataract extraction. They also conducted a half-day seminar, which included a live surgery demonstration using these techniques, as well as information on a high-volume cataract surgical practice.

Dr. Jeff Caspar being presented with a plaque from Islamia by Dr. Steven Roy CEO.

Exchange program with University of California, Davis

As a result of the visit of Prof. Caspar and Dr. Matti Vazeen, an exchange fellowship has been set up with the ophthalmology department at the University of California, Davis, USA. Already, Dr. Amiruzzaman has spent one month observing and learning from the faculty at UC Davis. Dr. Eric Chin, a Senior Resident of UC Davis, spent a month training with Islamia as well as sharing his experience, giving presentations, observing and assisting in different departments and operating theaters. In addition, faculty members from USD visited Islamia: Prof. John Keltner, neuro-ophthalmolog; Dr. Nandini Gandhi, paediatric ophthalmology; and Dr. Annie Baik, glaucoma, visited Islamia and have contributed greatly to Islamia, its doctors and its standard of ophthalmology.

Participation in International Conferences in 2012:

1.   Dr. Amiruzzaman attended the annual conference of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in Chicago, USA.
2.   Dr. Majid Khan, Dr. Mostafizur Rahman and Dr. Mostafa Hossain attended the World Ophthalmology Conference in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Mostafa chaired the session on “Strabismus”, and presented a paper on: "Convergence or fusion insufficiency with or without refractive error".
3.   Dr. Mastura Khatun, Dr. Tariq Reza Ali and Prof. Sarwar Alam, attended the “Evidence 2012” symposium at LVPEI, Hyderabad, India.
4.   Dr. Majid Khan and Dr. Mastura Khatun – attended conferences on cataract surgery and paediatric ophthalmology respectively in Milan, Italy.
5.   Dr. Mostafa Hossain - attended the 8th International Symposium of Ophthalmology in Hong Kong, and presented a paper entitled: "General anesthesia with muscle relaxant in pediatric cataract surgery."