Medical/Nursing and Paramedical Services



IIEI&H Medical / Nursing and Paramedical Services
Are essentially the "human touch services" of the hospital.
We have some of the most well trained, experienced and caring professionals at IIEI&H.
All committed to providing the best in quality care for all of our guests [patients].

World Nurses Day 2013

World Nurses Day, commemorating Florence Nightingale's founding of the nursing profession, was celebrated in May, 2013, by songs, by retaking the Nurses Oath, and by the cutting of an enormous cake.

World Nurses Day also saw the promotion of eight nurses to Senior Nurse. They included:

In-house Training for Nurses

In-house training for nurses and ward assistants in ophthalmic and general nursing began in 2003, and has continued, so that now staff nurses, nursing assistants, assistant nurses, patient care attendants, andcounsellors are being trained in the hospital.

A course to help the nursing staff learn about international practices was held during 2012. This course was set up by the A.K. Khan Healthcare Foundation in association with the Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership, the representative of “The Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Hospital Nursing Services” from Boston, USA. This programme is designed to bridge the difference between standards of nursing practices in the South Asia region and the Western countries, especially the USA. Twenty-eight nurses were enrolled in this rigorous programme.

At the end of the course the nurses took an examination. The top three nurses were:

1. Sr. Susmita Mistry

2. Sr. Noorjahan Islam

3. Sr. Scholastica Gomes

Over the last few years, 29 students and 57 Staff Nurses from government and private hospitals were trained at Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital in ophthalmic ward nursing, operation theatre management, sterility techniques, and OPD management.