Oculoplasty Department


The Oculoplasty, also known as Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery Services, is a subspecialty service of Ophthalmology that manages abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, orbit and upperface. There are a very few centers for oculoplasty in Bangladesh amonst which that of the Instute is the pioneer and the top. The center also provides full range of services Of ocular oncology (tumor related to eye , orbit and adenxa). Besides BOTOX injection service, ocular prosthesis and upper facial aesthetic surgeries are also available at the center. Emergency service is also available.

The department comprises three consultants, two local and one international fellow and two Medical officers. The physical facility comprises state of art out patient department equipped with modern instruments, specialized DCR unit, prosthetic unit and an international standard operation theater equipped with modern instruments.

The center is the pioneer in launching subspeciality fellowship program in Oculoplasty which has gained recognition of International council of Ophthalmology for Commonwealth fellowships. The center so far has produced two long term and two long term fellows. Currently there are two long term fellows, one short term international short term fellow and one international trainee from Royal college of Ophthalmologists, London.

The center is attended by about 12000 pateints at OPD and 4000 surgeries every year.


Dr. Nazmul Haque Robi
Clinical Head of Department
Dr. Sadia Sultana Dr. Riffat Rashid


The department provides the full range of oculoplasty and ocular oncology services:

 • External DCR, DCT, Failed DCRs, DCR in complicated setting
 • Canalicular injury repair, punctoplasty, punctual cautery etc
 • Full range of reconstructive procedures for defects from injury, tumor, or congenital deformity
 • Ptosis surgery
 • Entropion surgery
 • Ectropion Surgery
 • Trichiasis surgery
 • Lid retraction surgery
 • Thyroid eye diseseases
 • Orbitotomies for tumor removal
 • Orbital tumor
 • Orbital fracture repair
 • Orbital decompresssions
 • Blepharo plasty
 • Browlift
 • Forehead tightening
 • Therapeutic
 • Aesthetic
 • Custom made
 • Readymade
 • Periodic polishing
 • Edging


 ♦ Consultation Service
 ♦ Indoor facilities from state of art to normal wards
 ♦ Surgery
 ♦ Therapeutic service
 ♦ Ocular Prosthesis
 ♦ Oncology services
 ♦ Botox injections
 ♦ Research
 ♦ Fellowship Training