Trauma & Emergency


This department has two wings, emergency room and trauma unit. Emergency room is open for 24/7 walk in service for urgent, sight threatening problems and emergency eye treatment. No appointment is necessary.

Trauma unit deals all types of trauma, open or closed globe injuries. One consultant examine the patient whenever he/she reaches to the department and give proper management immediately. Surgery is performed as and when necessary.


Dr. Md. Shafi Khan
Clinical Head of Department
Dr. Mahmood Mujtaba Dr. Chandana Sultana Dr. Abdus Salam Dr. Muntakim Shahid

Dr. Zafrul Hasan

Many junior doctors are now also doing cataract surgeries.


♦ Our trauma and emergency team offers emergency treatment for urgent, sight-threatening problems and for issues that cannot wait for a routine appointment.

♦ On arrival, you will be assessed by a doctor in emergency room who will determine how serious your condition is and prioritise you for treatment accordingly. Sometimes, we’ll be able to treat your condition straight away, but sometimes we might decide to refer you to one of our more specialist services for further tests and treatments.

♦ In case of trauma (open or closed globe injury), patients are referred to the trauma unit where they are assessed by consultants and treated accordingly.

♦ In case of open globe injury, patients are admitted and surgery is performed immediately as necessary.

Please note that we are not a general emergency and can only help with eye conditions


♦ Clinical examinations by ophthalmologists
♦ Lab. Investigation as needed
♦ B-scan